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Elevate your thinking to accelerate your professional success

Unleash the natural genius inside of you to achieve career fulfilment


Anji Hallewell
Anji Hallewell | Best In Singapore – Top 19 Career Coach
Professional life is Busy, with a capital B, full of ups and downs. But do you ever feel like the downs are somehow weighing on you and barring you from being a Natural Genius? With the forever growing to-do list, back-to-back meetings, managing people and office politics, it’s enough to send you stir crazy!
If you struggle balancing career with professional life
If more control on your life means you would achieve more.
If low emotional energy is an obstacle to you getting ahead
…and if you feel your career is stagnating

It’s time for you to regain control and eliminate your mental roadblocks

Your journey towards the confident and powerful professional you need to be starts with changing your mindset

These are all sure signs that life has taken over. It’s happening to you and not for you. At Natural Genius Academy, through our transformational workshops and expert coaching, we leave you with self-mastery skills, so you can take back control and activate a higher level of focus, clarity and balance. This enables you to fuel the mindset needed for the natural career success that you dream about.

Why the natural genius academy

I established the Natural Genius Academy and created the Supercharge Your Success – Accelerate Your Career program to help professionals attain the careers they really want. My trainings focus on the key areas professionals need to succeed. With me, you learn the essential blocks that constitute a winning mindset.

Natural genius’ 5 career mindset game changers

Top-3 disempowering habits that are blocking your performance
You can learn how to overcome these habits to become unstoppable in your career and beyond!
The key reasons why you feel drained or overwhelmed
Learn an authentic and simple way to take control of your life and mind for exponential results
The Natural Genius Formula
A step-by-step process that elevates your self-confidence, clarity and career fulfilment.
Reveal powerful & scientifically proven mindset hacks
Rise above negativity and into a positive frame of mind to become unshakable
The Secret to Real Gravitas
Grab the attention of your colleagues and get the outcomes that you desire

Unlock your Natural Genius

Access greater clarity and focus by learning the tools necessary to make sharper decisions and forge meaningful relationships.

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Most personal development seminars inspire, but don’t give people practice tools to make desired changes stick. My services do both, which creates a deep internal shift. ”
Anji Hallewell
Understanding yourself is essential to accelerate your career success, because it’s not just about getting to the next level. Professionals like you want meaning, fulfillment and above all, thrive in everything you do. That’s when you become a Natural Genius! You also want to achieve focus and success through higher across-the-board performance. Learning more skills won’t give you that. What you need is personal development to change your mindset, and especially side-step the traps of self-destructive patterns. My coaching program teaches you the vital processes upon which you can rely upon in your everyday life for sustainable positive changes. The trainings are designed to enable you to perform to best of your ability even in highly challenging environments.
What people who achieved massive breakthroughs to supercharge their success said after attending Anji’s events:

I wanted balance between my work and my personal life. I went for the first session and I liked it a lot. After 8 months, I’m still with Anji and she’s my vitamin A. For the past 3 or 4 years, I think I let go of my dream. The sessions came in hand to reinstate and to tell me that the dream was valid.

The sessions helped me get awareness of the things I do consciously and unconsciously so that it doesn’t affect my work, family and my personal life.

Malar, Award-Winning Actress

What can we achieve together?

Public seminars

Coaching services

Corporate training

Keynote speaking

Here are some of the outcomes my students have experienced…

  • Greater focus, higher productivity and quicker decision making
  • Sharper communication to achieve desired outcomes
  • Bringing your whole self to your work, unapologetically.
  • Find satisfaction and meaning in the work that you do
  • Career balance to create a lifestyle that bring happiness
  • Emotional competence, so emotions do not cloud your better judgement
  • A positive mindset, increased happiness and resilience
  • A deeper relationship with yourself and others
  • Confidence, fulfilment and balance

Meet Anji, International Self-Mastery & Performance Coach

Anji spent 15 years mastering the impact of behavior on human potential. She discovered that self-mastery was the key to achieving natural success in your career. She has transformed the lives of 1000s of professionals using her proven mindset tools, allowing them to free themselves from the negative workings of the mind, thus allowing them to perform at their best.

Anji has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands in a variety of talent focused roles teaching professionals the necessary tools to create levels of career success that were previously unattainable.

Anji blends science with ancient practices that the most successful professional minds are using to achieve exponential results. Anji’s philosophy is simple, slow things down to speed up. She achieves this through a combination of both Eastern and Western practices, bringing the best of both worlds to you.

I had reached a point in my life where everything was overwhelming. There was a lot going on in my personal space, plus I’d just changed jobs and I saw that as a career for me.

[After the program] It opened up my senses. It made me more self-aware of the environment that I was in, but the one thing for me that really changed is my confidence. It’s really built my confidence.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s next.

Sally, Talent & Brand Manager

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